Monday, October 3, 2016

Do you radiate or drain?

There are two categories of friends - radiators and drains. 

Radiators Give Warmth. Make Friends With Them.

Radiators are those who make us feel warm, who give something back. They certainly have their problems from time to time when they need support, but usually, being with them is life-enhancing and a positive experience. They are warm people who happily share their joys and enthusiasm in life and make us feel better about the world. Radiators are optimists and they share their heat with us – their happiness and optimism. Who are the radiators in your world?

Drains Take Energy. Avoid Them.

Drains are opposite to radiators. They are energy draining people to be with, and take more from the friendship than they give. They are always focused on their own issues and seldom properly listen to others. Time spent with them is exhausting and dispiriting. They usually start out as good friends but over time things change. Drains are those that drain the energy out of you. They do not listen to you -  it’s all about them. You give them advice, but they do not take it and then get into a mess, so they come running back to you with the same negative energy. Drains are pessimists and they can bring you down with their negative and damaging energy, therefore avoid them.

Be alert! Choose carefully with whom you spend your time. Life is too short to surround yourself with drains. You should be alert to who is your radiator and drain.

How about you? What type of person are you? Do you radiate or drain?


Radiators and Drains

Do You Radiate or Drain?

Are you satisfied with yourself?